At WhyteSpyder, we produce and manage optimized and enhanced data and content for your products on and Our main goal is to enhance your SKU pages by providing the information omnichannel shoppers want and need to make confident purchase decisions. We call this process MARKENDISINGSM.

The SKU page, also known as the product detail page, is where the customer is closest to making a purchase. It’s also the most important place for MARKENDISINGSM tactics. By optimizing your SKU page, your products have an increased opportunity to be purchased online and in-store.

We recently revamped a SKU page for Eastman Outdoors and, in only eight weeks, the product reviews doubled and their SKU page rated in the top 1 percent on Content Analytics. This means more people were seeing and engaging with their content on

Not only do our MARKENDISINGSM efforts work, they work fast. You won’t find yourself waiting around to see results because we will have your updated SKU page ready in just 30 days. Your new product page, with its high quality optimized content and data, will quickly increase your online presence.