With so many brands providing similar products, it’s important for manufacturers to differentiate by giving shoppers all the information possible to help them make their purchasing decision. WhyteSpyder has put a name to that function: Markendising, the action or business of combining marketing and store merchandising tactics to satisfy demands of omnichannel shoppers. This is omnichannel marketing.video

Part of the Markendising movement is for manufacturers to take online product content a step further and provide video showing how the product works or looks. This way shoppers are better able to know what they are buying.

A marketing video is a commercial message with a purpose of connecting the brand to shoppers by engaging their personal interests or feelings. A merchandising video would be a video that displays how a dress moves when a person is wearing it or how a tool set works. The purpose is to show shoppers a more in-depth, interactive look into the product. Combining the purposes of merchandising-marketing videos into one utilizes brand connection while giving shoppers all the product information they want to make their decision.

Shopping in-store allows shoppers to see the physical product, but doesn’t provide reviews, testimonials, etc. that is included in shopping online. By implementing Markendising videos on your product SKU page, you can provide more information about the product that you wouldn’t be able to get just by looking at the product in-store.

Don’t worry that your best videos will be lost in the clutter. You can have as many markendising videos as you want on your SKU page. WhyteSpyder will monitor the clicks and popularity of each and prioritize the order of the videos.