Setting Up a PPC Account

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most analytical and controllable forms of advertising. If you are not using PPC as part of your advertising plan, you should seriously consider initiating campaigns. The process to setup a campaign is simple, however, the management of campaigns can become quite complex. Today we will give you the basics to setting up your PPC account through Google.

Setting up a Google AdWords is really easy. Follow the steps below:

After creating your account, set up your campaign(s).

  • Click Campaigns
  • Click Add a campaign
  • Type your campaign name
  • Select the display networks. (This will show your add on google display networks)
  • Select your devices. (Choose PC, tablet or phone only. Or select all)
  • Set your daily budget. Click Save
  • Choose a Target Audience. Click Save
  • Select I’ll set my bids manually
  • Type your ad verbiage and URL
  • Finally, add your keywords
  • Click Save and Continue