We’ve all heard the phrase, “You missed the boat on that one.” And we’re all aware as to what it means. Staying well-informed with technological progress is a great way to ensure that up-and-coming retail processes are taken advantage of.

As technology advances, more channels are opening to retailers, as shoppers insist on having that “next best thing” that will make their lives a little bit easier. As we already know, convenience is king. Amazon’s Alexa is proof positive that shoppers are looking for innovative new ways to make purchases and research products, and now that Google has entered the world of Voice First devices, it’s clear that these companies are taking the technology seriously.

Looking at voice first devices, we can see that the technology isn’t on its way, it’s already here. It’s in our homes. The same applies to Virtual Reality devices. The technology is there and improving every day. Google, Amazon, and Walmart are looking to these new channels to drive sales and increase conversions.

However, as much as these companies will be utilizing new technologies, suppliers and manufacturers still need to ensure that there will be rich content to inform and convert shoppers. We already see these new technologies are quickly becoming an integral part of the retail landscape, having found their way into millions of homes. This is why having rich and engaging item level data and content is so important.

Not providing that content is like missing the proverbial boat. You can bet that others will be on it, but nobody is going to wait for anyone else as they sail toward that sunny horizon.